What is a Credenso anyways?

It's like money, but better.

At the centre of this operation is a unit of account called the Credenso.

Credenso is primarily a measure of time, usually time spent working on a specific task or occupation. Instead of paying wages at an hourly rate, one of the goals of Credenso is to recognize everyone's time as equally valuable and to compensate workers accordingly.

One Credenso (©) is equal to 5 minutes on a standard clock, or π/6 radians for the mathematically minded. Though everything that is offered by Credenso (food, software, education, events etc.) is offered for free, the amount of time put into making it happen is listed as a guideline for anyone who wishes to give back. Donating your money can be seen as a way of expressing gratitude for anyone who is volunteering their time on behalf of others.


The idea behind this mechanism is to encourage people to donate according to their income. While a main tenet of Credenso is not to discriminate against anyone, it seems reasonable that someone who is currently unemployed would have less capacity to give back compared to someone who is paid well above minimum wage for their time. Hopefully, anyone who agrees with the core idea that everyone's time is equally valuable will be able to give accordingly. Plus, you're helping Credenso thrive! The whole operation is run purely on donations.

By hinging our survival on gifts and donations, Credenso Café exists as a network of communities that live or die based entirely on the good will of other human beings. Without any sort of built-in safety net, the existence of the Café is a statement that selflessness and community can still succeed in the world we live in. At the same time, it's an invitation to join in and help out in any way you can.