Bread Orders

One of the main goals of Credenso is to promote food security at a community level. In practice, this involves baking bread and sharing it with the neighborhood on a regular basis. A loaf of sourdough can be prepared at almost zero cost beyond time investment, making it ideal for sharing with the community.

Sign up for June 2024


Credenso offers a weekly bread service. The bread is baked fresh each Sunday afternoon, ready for pickup at 3pm. Sign up happens on a monthly basis and can be renewed in-person or online.

Participating in this service, like everything at Credenso, is fully free of charge. Each loaf costs me approximately 30 minutes of time to make, equivalent to 6© of value. The idea behind Credenso is that accepting my time and effort will encourage you to 'pay it forward', finding some way of spending an equivalent amount of time somewhere else in the neighbourhood.

That said, donations are also appreciated! Our finances are fully transparent and 100% of proceeds are invested directly into fully realizing the Credenso project.